The history of Morley Manufacturing Inc. goes back to 1984 when Morley Longmore and Bob Pelton teamed up to develop a solar tank that would stand up to the test of time. Bob Pelton has owned and operated a solar DHW installation company since 1977 and the biggest complaint that his clients had was that the most expensive component goes out just about the time the client saves enough on utilities to pay for the system. That is exactly what prompted us to build tanks that would last and never rust out. This process led us to the development of the High Sierra Drainback thermosyphon system for our residential customers. To improve on efficiency, we had Wolverine build a finned type K copper exchanger to our specifications. Through our own research and development, we successfully received a patent on the Morley thermosyphon valve and our patented Pelton Booster exchanger to increase our system performance. For our commercial clients, we currently design and build custom tanks ranging from 60 gallons to 2800 gallons. We are proud to say that in 2014, we were able to obtain UL certification, listing # MH60163, and are in compliance with all UL requirements, identifications and ratings. You can find our complete report at www.ul.com/database UL listing MH60163.

Bob Pelton is currently President of Morley Manufacturing, Inc. and his son, Robert Pelton, is running the fabrication shop, while his daughter, Tracey, is running the office. We look forward to designing and building hand crafted tanks for you.

You can contact us at (530) 477-6527 or via email at:  morleymfg@att.net.


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