AGT Anti- Gravity Tank

What is the AGT?

When installed with the High Sierra Drainback tank, the AGT turns our ground mounted collector system into a drainback system. The AGT allows you to install a solar water heater with the collectors below the solar storage tank and still be a drainback system.


For use in commercial or residential installations.

Collectors can be mounted below the High Sierra Drainback storage tank.

      - No stagnation problems

      - No freezing problems

      - No over heating problems

      - Eliminates the need for large solar pumps to overcome the high vertical lift.

      - No need for expansion tanks, relief valves, air vents, or pressure gauges.

Cut your service liability by 75% over other types of systems.


Ease of installation

The solar supply and return lines don't require fall in the trench.

The system design uses one extra piece of equipment, not six.



Collectors must be mounted with fall to the supply line like all drain back systems.

The AGT is located below the collectors.

The solar supply line is installed lower than the collector at the collector.

In cold climates, (25 degrees F or lower), the solar supply and return lines should be buried.


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High Sierra Drainback on the roof

High Sierra Drainback on the ground

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AGT  Anti-Gravity Tank

Bob Pelton and Robert Pelton

AGT Anti-Gravity Tank